A Shadow Over Egypt

Created by TANKRUSH ltd. Want to help? Join the team!
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Geistkrieg is an extremely ambitious project, and while we have a very strong core team we could use some help. We're looking for team members with a passion for RTS games, who are over 18 and who have a strong work ethic. Familiarity with the Starcraft 2 art tools is a plus.

Right now we are mostly looking for the following people;

3D Modeller - Create low poly models based on our concept art.

3D Animator - Bring our models to life. Difficulty may vary from simple vehicle animations to more complicated character animations.

Particle FX Artist - To create our unit ability special effects and things like explosions. Needs experience using the Starcraft 2 particlefx editor.

Zbrush Sculptor - Help create large environmental objects such as; stone cliff walls, statues and the pyramids.

If you're interested in helping us out please contact us here.