A Shadow Over Egypt

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'Geistkrieg: A Shadow Over Egypt' is a fantasy WW2 Real-Time Strategy game to be released on the Starcraft 2 Arcade.

Geistkrieg focuses on entertaining units and special powers. Our goal is to create a visual spectacle for players. Allied players can swarm their opponent with respawning Sherman tanks, enlarge teleporting Commandos to stab enemy tanks to death or just rely on the extreme mobility of the Allied airship fleet. Reich players can punch through enemy lines with Panzers and Stormtroopers, raid enemy bases with lightning raining airships or summon armored Geist demons from mentally weakened enemies.

Geistkrieg also brings game-wide new twists; such as a greater game impact of the day/night cycle, a sanity bar on all units (like mana but with a harsh downside when low) and a unique resource for each faction (hourglass sand for the Allies, souls for the Reich).

All of this is brought to life by beautiful visuals: Obsessively iterated designs, detailed 3d models and entirely hand painted textures. All art and audio within Geistkrieg will be custom made for the game.

A public alpha is aimed to be released for free on the Starcraft 2 Arcade in the near future.

About the Reich

The Kaiser was dead, starvation was rampant and Germany was on the brink of losing the first World War. However, inside a mental asylum a scarred, mentally broken soldier dreamed. Unlike the other broken soldiers he dreamed of steps. Steps to greater slumber. In that dream he became the first human in a century to enter the Dreamlands. Overcoming his terror, he fought off deeper madness and mind-stealing demons. Just as the last shred of his sanity was fading, the soldier stumbled upon an Old God. The Old One promised him glory, salvation and fortune...for a price. Within weeks of waking the soldier was crowned the new Kaiser and ended the war on even terms. Germany ushered the world into a new age of discovery and darkness.

About the Allies

The Allies are nations bound by a desperate struggle for human independence in the face of the terrifying Old Gods and their otherworldly powers. They are led by the United States and British Empire, controlling a huge population, industrial base and the mysterious South American Dreamlands. These nations rely on human ingenuity for their technological leaps, not knowledge gifted by the Old Gods. Capitalism unfettered by regulation funds the war effort. Research on South American artifacts and dream-discovered theorems gives the Allies their means to fight. Whatever it takes, whatever the cost; be it throwing off the last remnants of democracy or utilising (often lethal) human experimentation, they remain nations ruled by humans. The Allies are the last bastion where the Old Gods hold no sway.

Reich Gameplay
Allied Gameplay